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Rocky Mountain School of Baseball (RMSB)

Rocky Mountain School of Baseball (RMSB) is a competitive youth baseball league headquartered in Logan, Utah that sponsors and operates leagues and tournaments for kids starting at age 7 and going all the way up to when they become adults at age 18.

RMSB began in 1993 as a small organization intended to supplement local city league play and has grown into a 400+ team competitive travel league play organization, with teams participating from states including Idaho, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

RMSB Quick Facts

ContactMain Office Address:
560 West 600 North
Logan, UT 84321
Phone: (435) 753-5662
Northern Utah
Salt Lake Valley
Utah Valley
Participating Teams425+
TournamentsPresident’s Day (mid February)
March Madness (mid March)
Spring Break (late March)
Wendover Icebreaker (early May)
Pocatello (mid May)
Memorial Day (late May)
Idaho Falls (early June)
Utah Summer Games (mid June)
Super League Championship (late June)
Firecracker (late June/early July)
Tournament of Champions (mid July)
Heber Valley Pioneer (late July)
Boys of Summer (early August)
Labor Day (late August/early September)
Cache Valley Clash (mid September)
Fall Extravaganza (late October)
Turkey Trot (mid November)
LeaguesSuper League – April through June
Fall League – August through October

RMSB Super League

The RMSB Super League tends to be the more competitive of the two season schedules held by RMSB. Super League runs from April through June and consist of about 16 games, most of which are played as double headers on Saturdays.

Super League schedules are made to keep travel as minimal as possible, although it is not uncommon for a team to occasionally have to travel outside its region (usually to the next closest region) to play games.

RMSB Fall League

The RMSB Fall League is usually made up of fewer teams than the number participating in the Super League, since many young athletes opt to play other sports (e.g. football) in the fall and use that season to take time off from playing competitive baseball.

Similar to the Super League schedule, the RMSB Fall League consists of about 16 games played as doubleheaders on Saturdays. Traveling outside of a team’s designated region is more common during Fall League since there are not as many teams participating overall.

RMSB Tournaments

RMSB Tournaments begin in mid-February in the St George, Utah area, where the weather is usually warm and dry enough to start the season. RMSB tournaments are held in cooler areas (Idaho and northern Utah) during the hottest months of the year. The end of the RMSB tournament season (the Turkey Trot) again takes place in the warmer St George area a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.

Playing in RMSB Tournaments is a good way for teams to experience playing against new competition, as the tournaments draw teams from throughout the four RMSB regions as well as surrounding states.

Many of the RMSB tournaments are divided into gold and silver levels, allowing less-developed teams to play in a less competitive bracket, while more competitive teams can face kids with similar skill levels.

RMSB Camps

In addition to their two leagues and 17 tournaments, RMSB gives aspiring youth baseball players opportunities to develop their skills and get reps with professional coaches through their five different training camps, which normally last 2-3 days. RMSB baseball camps

Joining a Team

Most teams hold tryouts to add kids and fill spots on their rosters. Team sizes are typically 11-12 players. Tryout opportunities are normally posted on the RMSB tryouts page, which is normally updated in late June after the Super League season has concluded and in late November, after the Fall League and Turkey Trot tournament have concluded and teams are anticipating their next year of play.

Besides having their child attend a tryout, parent can list a player in the RMSB talent pool, a database of players sorted by age level, who are looking for teams. Parents can list their players in the talent pool and designate preferred positions in addition to indicating where the player lives. Coaches scan the talent pool in search of players to fill specific positions.

Alternatives to RMSB

Because of the high level of competition compared to city leagues and other private leagues, playing on a team that participates in RMSB most usually requires a big time commitment and work ethic. For kids who are not ready to compete at this level, there are local alternatives.

City Leagues

Almost every city or county (population 5,000 or more) in the Idaho, Utah area has a recreation league for playing baseball. Playing in recreation leagues can be a good introduction to baseball without the time commitment and cost associated with travel baseball. Check with your local parks and recreation department to find out details about your local rec league.

Local Private Leagues

Private leagues exist in many areas of Utah and Idaho to fill the competition and dedication gap between city leagues, which can be frustrating for players who are beyond the basics of baseball, and the highly competitive travel teams. For instance, the American Fork Youth Baseball organization draws kids from several different cities in the American Fork, Utah area to compete at a level that is more competitive than local city rec leagues, but that doesn’t involve travel or the time commitment required by other leagues.

Utah Premier Game Baseball

A newer competitor to RMSB, Utah Premier Game (UPG) started in 2005 as another competitive travel baseball league. UPG has three schedules (spring, summer, fall) that are different from RMSB. UPG plays on weekdays instead of on Saturdays.

Some of the teams who play in the RMSB Super League and Fall League also play in UPG weekday league.